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Iron Studios Marvel X-Men Nightcrawler MiniCo Statue

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From the middle of a purple cloud, "Bamf"...With a popular onomatopoeia from Marvel's universe, the charismatic blue elf from the X-Men uses his powers to teleport between dimensions with his incredible acrobatic abilities and appears ready for action. Answering fans and collectors, Iron Studios expand their collection of mutant heroes on their popular Toy Art line, bringing the statue "Nightcrawler - X-Men - MiniCo", one of the most beloved X-Men by fans with his classic look in the stylized MiniCo format.
Growing up as a circus artist, where he improved his agility, the friendly German mutant Kürt Wagner, better known as Nightcrawler, was recruited and welcomed by Professor Xavier to join the X-Men on the group's second formation. Devout and altruistic, Nightcrawler can teleport from one place to another, and when he uses his powers, he leaves a cloud of purple fog accompanied by the sound "Bamf"...generated by air displacement. He can also become invisible in the shadows and adhere to the walls and other surfaces like Spider-Man. His yellow eyes allow him to see in the dark, and with his prehensile tail, he can hang and hold objects. Created by writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum, Nightcrawler is the son of the mutant Mystique, from whom he inherited his blue skin.
Revealed on Inside Iron Studios Day show on YouTube, and already available for Pre-Order, check out the entire collection of stylized Toy Art X-Men MiniCo by Iron Studios, including also the recently revealed "Professor X - X-Men - MiniCo" and "Magneto - X-Men -MiniCo". Soon other news from Marvel's mutant universe on Iron Studios' YouTube channel and their social media!

Statue is brand new (never opened). Figure comes direct from Sideshow. The box is in Good Condition.

Shipping Included! Shipped in a sturdy box with padding inside to ensure quality of figure. 

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