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ALL METAL, DL-44 Hero Blaster (Denix C-96 Mauser base)

  • $ 849.00

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid" - Han Solo

This ALL METAL, DL-44 Hero Blaster is built with superior, detailed metal parts and assembled to the specifications of the original film prop used in Star Wars: A New Hope, using a Denix C-96 Mauser as it's base.

With its "As issued" clean finish, it will be as though you purchased this Hero blaster right off of the assembly line at BlasTech Industries!!! 

Weighing in at approximately 3lbs. 10oz, this blaster would give any smuggler worth their spice, the confidence that it is that of a formidable weapon which is able to protect you, your co-pilot and of course your precious cargo.

Real wood grips finish this piece with a solid and stout feeling that balances the weight of the blaster while you draw down on your target.

Brass fittings, and the moveable scope adjustment knob give this piece an elegant clean look that would really stand out in a collection display case or shelf. It couldn't be more perfect for display. (Of course, it will also enhance the authenticity of your well earned Cosplay character!!)

We spared no expense in bringing this prop to life. All pieces were forged and assembled with care.

If you would like a "battle-scarred" or weathered version, please contact us for further information.

Please note this is a prop DL-44 Blaster. It cannot be fired nor modified to be fired.

Display Stand and Custom Case Included!!!

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