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PRE-ORDER: Iron Studios Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness Wong 1/10 Art Scale Statue

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With the giant tentacles of an ancient creature breaking the base of the floor at his feet, serious and inflexible, one of the greatest masters of the mystical arts summons, with magic, energy mandalas to fight the monster. Wearing a combat kimono in blue, yellow, and purple colors with details in red, the new Sorcerer Supreme uses his mystical knowledge together with his martial skills, which makes him a powerful fighter capable of facing opponents much larger than him. One of the most charismatic heroes in the MCU gets his first statue by Iron Studios, revealed at SDCC, "Wong BDS - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - Art Scale 1/10", brings the monk, sorcerer, ally warrior, and best friend of Doctor Strange.

Trained by the Ancient One in Kamar-Taj, a secret sanctuary located in Kathmandu in Nepal, Wong became a member of an order of sorcerers committed to protecting Earth from mystic threats. Acting as librarian and protector guardian of all the ancient books, he met Stephen Strange and helped him with his studies. Becoming his friend and ally, after defeating together the threat of the entity Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension that wished to merge Earth into his realm, Wong and Strange got together to protect New York's Sanctum Sanctorum. When Strange died together with half of the universe's population by Thano's hand, Wong became the new Sorcerer Supreme. After Thanos' defeat and the return of the victims, Wong spent some time participating in fights at the Golden Daggers Club, a bar and fight club in Macau. Later, Wong was alerted by the Scarlet Witch's threat and joined Doctor Strange again to face her and protect the dimensional traveler America Chavez. After defeating the Witch, he became Chavez's teacher and master in Kamar-Taj.

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