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PRE-ORDER: Iron Studios Marvel Comics Spider-man vs Villains Spider-Man Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 Statue

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Flexing his mighty muscles, the legendary friendly neighborhood superhero uses the maximum of his arachnid strength and dexterity to dodge and stay away from the attack of one of his most terrifying and powerful enemies, with the viscous tar alien biomass that form his rival leaking underneath his feet, with tentacles and tendrils taking the
shape of two trunks with mouths, fangs and long tongues trying to capture him like two carnivorous plants searching for their prey, the fearless wall climber superhero leans
resolute on his webs facing the powerful and lethal creature. Inspired by his bold look in the comic books from the 1990s, Iron Studios present the statue "Spider-Man Deluxe
- Spider-Man vs Villains - Art Scale 1/10", introducing the always epic clash between the amazing Spider-Man and the alien Symbiote Venom, in which the set can be joined by
the statue "Venom Deluxe - Spider-Man vs Villains - Art Scale 1/10", with the sinister villain in another exclusive version by Iron Studios.

Spider-Man is the young Peter Parker; an orphan raised by his loving aunt and uncle. As a teenager, during an experiment, a genetically modified spider bit Parker as it was
dying; this caused his DNA to change, and he developed powers proportional to an arachnid. As a naturally science genius, he developed a device that allowed him to throw
artificial webs, created a blue and red costume, and adopted the codename of Spider-Man, with the objective of becoming a celebrity. Parker ignored the chance of stopping a
running robber, and in a tragic irony, the same criminal robbed and killed his uncle Ben. He hunted and captured the assassin, and when he recognized him, he felt responsible.
Since then, he adopted an ethic code from a phrase from his uncle Ben: "With great powers comes great responsibilities" and started fighting crime. Created by Stan Lee and
Steve Ditko in 1962, Spider-Man owns a large supervillains Rogues Gallery, and is one of the greatest stars in Marvel's universe.

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