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PRE-ORDER: Iron Studios Rebel Moon Jimmy Art Scale 1/10 Statue

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The Robot from the space opera by Zack Snyder gets a statue by Iron Studios!
Created in the past to defend the king from a galactic empire, the slim metallic figure using the antlers of a hart as a crown, observes while leaning on his staff
in the wheat fields from the farming colony Veldt, a settlement known mainly for its agriculture. With the body worn-out by the action of time, covered by an old
shabby fabric cape, after centuries he was repurposed by the Imperium, a big army of soldiers that work under the command of the regent Balisarius, for hard
labor in the field. However, when the Imperium demands Veldt's resources to feed themselves, the peaceful agricultural colony starts a conflict with Balisarius'
forces, and Sam, a country girl that creates friendship bonds with the robot, awakes something in his mechanical mind that changes his vision about his own existence. Revealed firsthand at SDCC 2023, Iron Studios present the statue "Jimmy - Rebel Moon - Art Scale 1/10", in the regular version of the droid JC-1435, simply
known as Jimmy.

With the direction of Zack Snyder, that also signs the screenplay, the movie Rebel Moon Part 1: A Child of Fire is a futuristic sci-fi adventure opera with its release
scheduled for December 22nd on Netflix. With the voice of the legendary actor Anthony Hopkins, the Jimmys were a series of combat humanoid sentient robots,
built to be used as the king's guard. One of these units was later repurposed for manual labor while the other Jimmys were almost entirely eliminated, with a few
remaining on the stars. When a colony in a distant galaxy is threatened by a tyrannic force, a mysterious person becomes the only hope for survival, and a group
of rebels gathers their strength to destroy an evil galactic empire.

A direct sequel, Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver was filmed together with the first part, and will release on Netflix on Abril 19th, 2024. Iron Studios proudly gets
ahead presenting this statue, the first of a special, exclusive, and limited edition signed by Zack Snyder, sold out at CCXP 2023, now in a regular version without
the autograph, but available for fans and collectors worldwide, already in Pre-Order. Check out all the news presented at CCXP 2023 and stay tuned on our social
media for much more in 2024.

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Figure is brand new (never opened). Figure comes direct from manufacturer. The box is in Good Condition.

Shipping Included! Shipped in a sturdy box with padding inside to ensure quality of item. 

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