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PRE-ORDER: Weta Workshop The Lord of the Rings: King Aragorn Classic Series 1:6 Scale Statue

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The King has returned, and the land resounds with the echoes of his arrival. After long ages of strife, upheaval, and the heavy shadow of sorrow, Aragorn, the worthy heir of Isildur, now stands to reclaim the mantle that has long laid dormant.

His presence is a beacon of hope, not solely for the people of Gondor but for all the free folk of Middle-earth. Foes, ancient and terrible, have been vanquished, their evil powers broken, and their dark dominions cast into the abyss. In their place, a new era unfolds before us, its pages yet unwritten, its possibilities boundless.


Capturing the splendour and majesty of Middle-earth, our artists poured their very souls into the creation of this Classic Series masterpiece, once again exploring the world through the lens of one of its defining characters. Here, we witness Aragorn at the end of his long journey, from a lone ranger to a stalwart guardian of the Fellowship, and from a humble warrior to the rightful king.

Special attention was given to the armour design for this piece, as subtle design elements and heraldry hide within them a rich language and deep history. Notably, the addition of the crown emblem upon his breastplate stands out, a feature markedly absent in Gondorian armour since the loss of their monarch, now returned anew.


- 1:6 scale;
- Made from high-quality polystone;
- Digitally sculpted by Wētā Workshop artist Jason Zhang;
- Signature pose and clothing as seen in The Return of the King;
- Designed to be displayed alongside Coronation Arwen;
- Created using references to the original props and costume.

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