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We bring you another Spotlight in our series Cantina Spotlights to showcase our collections and to learn more about our fellow CollectorZ.

1). How or why did you get into collecting?

I had saved my Star Wars toys that I had when I was a kid. I have always been a Boba Fett fan, and started looking for Boba Fett and Star Wars items.

2). What do you collect?

Star Wars collectibles including pins, figures, some plush and tiki mugs. I have a pretty extensive Funko Pop Star Wars collection. I also collect guitar pins (city pins) from Hard Rock Café.

3). What was your first collectible?

Aside from my childhood toys, I began collecting Disney Vinylmation Star Wars figures. Then I bought my first Funko Pop, which was Boba Fett.

4). What is your most prized collectible?

I have a Chewbacca mug from 1977. It isn't worth all that much but it was a Christmas gift from my aunt and it means a lot to me.

5). Any unique details about your collection or yourself?

I believe in collecting what you like, not because of how much something may be worth. Often the market/value of collectibles fluctuates, so I buy things that make me happy.

6). How many pieces do you have?

I probably have 250 or so Pops. A nearly complete Star Wars collection of Pops, and a few extras that caught my eye. The Bob Ross ones, Indiana Jones, and a few Harry Potter ones.

7). What's your favorite part about being a CollectorZown Cantina member?

I really enjoy the Cantina and CZ. It is fun to see and comment on the stuff we all find and to share the excitement with like minded people......and you guys are so awesome to deal with! Your customer service and your love of collecting make it fun to do business with.

Thanks Robert for sharing with us on this take of the Cantina Spotlight! Enjoy everyone!

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