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Latest Pre-Orders: Regal Robot, PCS Collectibles & Darkside Collectibles

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Excitement is brewing in the realms of collectors and enthusiasts alike as CollectorZown proudly introduces three magnificent additions to its catalog this week. Unveiling these exclusive treasures, the online hub for the finest collectibles has set the stage for enthusiasts to indulge in the realms of Star Wars, Street Fighter, and Star Trek. Let's delve into the remarkable trio that arrived this week.

1) Regal Robot Star Wars Prune Face Concept Maquette Replica - Tom Spina Designs Legacy Edition

The galaxy far, far away beckons with the Prune Face Concept Maquette Replica from Regal Robot. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail and precision, this legacy edition piece designed by Tom Spina pays homage to the iconic character from the Star Wars universe. As a limited edition collectible, it beckons both seasoned and budding collectors to own a piece of Star Wars history. The intricacies of this replica bring forth the essence of the character's initial design, offering enthusiasts a unique perspective on the creative process behind the beloved franchise.

2) PCS Collectibles Street Fighter 6 Guile Deluxe Edition Quarter Scale Statue

Prepare for battle with the dynamic and imposing Guile Deluxe Edition Quarter Scale Statue by PCS Collectibles. Street Fighter fans will rejoice at the meticulous craftsmanship that brings Guile to life in stunning detail. Standing tall and exuding an air of determination, this statue captures the essence of the iconic character's bravery and strength. From the intricate detailing of his combat attire to the energy emanating from his powerful pose, this masterpiece promises to be the centerpiece of any Street Fighter collection.

3) Darkside Collectibles Studio Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Spock Quarter Scale Statue

Live long and prosper with the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Spock Quarter Scale Statue by Darkside Collectibles Studio. A tribute to the beloved character portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, this statue encapsulates the wisdom and stoicism of Spock. Painstakingly crafted with an unparalleled level of artistry, it portrays Spock in a moment of reflection, echoing the emotional depth of the character's journey. Fans of the Star Trek franchise will undoubtedly appreciate the reverence and homage paid to this iconic figure.

CollectorzOwn continues its tradition of curating extraordinary collectibles by bringing these three exceptional pieces to the forefront. Each item represents not just a mere addition to a collection but a tangible celebration of the stories, characters, and universes that have captured our imaginations.

As these latest treasures become available for pre-order, enthusiasts and collectors alike are urged to secure their place in owning these limited-edition masterpieces. Dive into the worlds of Star Wars, Street Fighter, and Star Trek, and elevate your collection with these exceptional additions from CollectorzOwn!

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