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GIVEAWAY: Funko Pop! Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister #51

Posted by CZ Wookie on

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  • A winner has been selected. Don’t worry, we will have more giveaways soon.

    Marcos M. on
  • Thank you for the opportunity! I have the collection of GoT with the exception of a few of the rare ones. I even have headless Ned! I am going to SDCC to try and pick up the Night King at the GoT experience and may try to get the Conan walker. Now the kicker…. LENA is my favorite! She is a brilliant actor who is completely convincing. I have been dying to have her since the information came out that this Cersei pop would be created!

    Megan Haynes on
  • YES!!! The very first thought I had when I saw Cersei in this outfit ascending to the throne was, “PLEASE let Funko make a new Cersei pop like this!!!!” (I also really wanted a shame walk Cersei complete with a bell— but hey! Half of my dreams came true!)
    She is my spirit animal, and my absolute favorite character in the series… I have never cheered at a television as loud and enthusiastically as I did when she blew up the sept last finale! I even have a “Cersei Resting Bitch Face/ Eye Roll/ Lip Pursing Wine Drinking Game”… I need this! Please please unite us!! Xoxox Kf

    Krys Fox on
  • Another great giveaway by a great group of people. Thanks for giving back to the community

    Chris on
  • Hi my name is zach and I am a huge funko collector! This new funko is one I have really wanted, but can’t find or am allowed to get. Winning this giveaway would really mean the world to me. Thank you so much.

    Zach Mottlow on

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