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New Hot Toys Collectibles up for Pre-Order - 12/20/2023

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Hot Toys, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, has once again mesmerized fans and collectors with their latest pre-order releases on December 20th, 2023. CollectorZown proudly presents a breathtaking array of Hot Toys figures that are sure to captivate enthusiasts across various fandoms. Let's explore these remarkable additions to the Hot Toys lineup that promise to elevate any collection to new heights.

1. Hot Toys Star Wars Ahsoka Night Trooper Sixth Scale Figure

Straight out of the Ahsoka series on Disney+, the Night Trooper joins the Hot Toys ranks with this exquisite sixth scale figure. Loyal to Grand Admiral Thrawn and inhumanly persistent, the Night Troopers were once stormtroopers now animated by sinister majik of the Great Mothers to become a macabre fighting force.

2. Hot Toys Star Wars Ahsoka Captain Enoch Sixth Scale Figure

Continuing the celebration of Ahsoka, this sixth scale figure portrays Captain Enoch, Grand Admiral Thrawn's captain of the guard, and an ominous sentinel. Enoch wears a modified helmet with a golden face hammered into his mask.

3. Hot Toys Spider-Man 3 Spider-Man Black Suit Sixth Scale Figure

From the iconic Spider-Man 3 comes this sleek sixth scale figure featuring the web-slinger adorned in the classic black suit. Every detail, from the intricate web patterns to the expressive head sculpt, perfectly captures the essence of this fan-favorite iteration of Spider-Man.

4. Hot Toys Spider-Man 3 Spider-Man Black Suit Deluxe Version Sixth Scale Figure

For enthusiasts seeking an enhanced collectible experience, the Deluxe Version of the Spider-Man Black Suit sixth scale figure offers additional accessories and interchangeable parts. This deluxe edition allows for dynamic posing and display options, elevating the Spider-Man experience.

Each of these Hot Toys figures is a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence. Meticulously crafted with remarkable attention to detail, these sixth scale figures pay homage to beloved characters from the Star Wars and Spider-Man universes.

CollectorZown offers an exclusive opportunity to pre-order these exceptional Hot Toys collectibles. Whether you're a Star Wars aficionado, a Spider-Man enthusiast, or simply appreciate exceptional craftsmanship, these figures are an exquisite addition to any collection.

Secure your chance to own these extraordinary Hot Toys figures by pre-ordering now through CollectorZown and bring home these stunning pieces of artistry!

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